Our planet sure is one amazing place, and we wanted to highlight its vastness and beauty in a unique way this Earth Day. Thanks to our talented friends at Daily Overview we were able to see our ingredients fields on a whole new scale through satellites. We were truly in awe of what we saw. Read our interview with the Daily Overview founder, Benjamin Grant, below.


Fair Trade Organic sugar cane fields in Brazil

SK: How did your company get started?

Daily Overview was inspired by, and gets its name from an idea known as The Overview Effect. The basic idea of this phenomenon is that astronauts who have had the opportunity to see the Earth as a whole from outer space develop a greater appreciation for our planet and what it means to be alive. Recent psychological research suggests that these astronauts were fundamentally changed by what they saw. The main challenge here is that only 561 people have ever been to space. Therefore, our mission at Daily Overview is to use aerial imagery, primarily from satellites, to bring this feeling to as many people as possible.


Tomato farms in California

SK: What makes you unique?

Satellite imagery isn’t new, we’ve all had access to it for more than a decade with Google Earth. So what I think makes Daily Overview unique is the stories we put together with this incredible imagery. At the beginning of the project, we also decided to focus on the places where humans are impacting the planet. On top of that, our images are always accompanied by the context you need to understand what you’re seeing. I think that combination of seeing the world that we’re creating from a great distance, coupled with the information you need to be more aware, is what makes us unique.

SK: What excites you about the work you are doing?

I am excited that we’re at the intersection of storytelling and so many new, emerging technologies. We have access to some of the world’s (and out-of-this-world’s) highest resolution cameras due to the relationships we’ve developed with our imagery partners. Combining that technology with recent, relevant stories puts us in the position to offer an impactful perspective on the state of our planet.


Pepperoncini fields in Greece

"Our primary hypothesis is that seeing the world in this way will lead to greater awareness about the planet and how we are impacting it."

SK: Where do you see the future of the company?

We have an exciting plan to grow from just a daily feed of images to be more of a media company that offers our audience quite a bit more. In the addition to the book Overview that we released in 2016, we will have a children’s adaption coming out in October 2019 and we’re also working on another book for late 2020. Additionally, we are in the midst of redesigning our website to make it a more immersive place to enjoy not only the images we have now, but also new types of content and longer-form stories.

SK: What impact do you hope to be leaving on your consumers / the planet?

Our primary hypothesis is that seeing the world in this way will lead to greater awareness about the planet and how we are impacting it. By creating new forms of content and telling relevant stories, we aim to get people to engage with these images in memorable, mesmerizing ways. If we can do that, we’re confident that we can help create a better and smarter future for our one and only home.


Chickpea fields in Mexico