At Sir Kensington’s, we believe that condiments don’t just go on food… they are food.

Sk-char-mustard 2x

When we started out in 2010 and asked how we could make condiments better, we realized that our answer lay in the real food ingredients we chose. Seven years later we invite you to watch what we’ve learned, and how we’ve put it to work in making condiments with character.

Join our co-founder Scott for a peek behind the curtain to see where our ingredients come from. We traveled to vine-ripened tomato fields in California, to free range egg farms in Iowa, and to vast acres of tiny mustard seeds in Saskatchewan — because what is ketchup without the tomato, mayonnaise without the egg, or mustard without the mustard seed?

We’re committed to our mission to bring integrity and charm to ordinary and overlooked food. Nowhere is that more apparent than in our products and the lengths we go to make them.